My photography journey started on Christmas morning 2013. Gifted a camera – it was nothing flashy, a Fujji FINEPIX rs8 –  I had no idea how to use and so set about figuring it all out. Fast forward to the following year and I joined a fantastic blogging link up, hosted by one of my old friends (Clare Mansell, a fantastic photographer over at Maybush studios.) Having this monthly project really pushed my progress, my passion grew daily and after two camera upgrades  and a year long level 3 photography course, I found myself here. Offering my services for others.

When I thought about doing photography professional, my main love was food. Creating a beautifully styled image of deliciousness, where you could almost smell the sweet aroma of baked goods through the screen. Yet, the photographs that I got the most response from was my candid family lifestyle photography. As much as I love styling, actually I love documenting the real events of an average day even more. I love those un-posed, relaxed, every day moments, the ones you would forget about had you not have documented it. Those moments in time that you’ll look back on in years to come and say ‘Ahh, yes. I remember that now.’

One of my main influences is the seasons. in fact, its my only influence. I’ve made a point over the last couple of years to live a bit more seasonally and that has definitely shown through my photography. I like to spend a lot of time outdoors, so I love the simplicity of living by mother natures rules, eating by what produce is fresh for harvest, visiting places that bloom the most beautifully at certain types of year. My lifestyle sessions – and even my commercial styling definitely lives through the seasons with me. From jumping waves on a summers day, roaming through the amber coloured woodlands on a brisk Autumn afternoon and cosy days at home on a crisp winters morning. Its capturing that seasonal atmosphere that really gives me joy.

Ultimately, I want my images to take you back in time, I want you to be reminded of the smells, the sounds, the feel of those warm summer rays on your face, the way your toddler giggled at the caterpillar wriggling in his hand, the relaxed contentment of just an ordinary family day. Our lives move so fast, its impossible to remember all of  those little moments of perfection. And thats what I want to document for you.