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There’s so much more to a shoot than just taking the images. Art direction is vital in creating professional work to the highest standard. Coming up to my final year as a creative advertising student and having worked on a few short films with production designer credits,  I’m already well versed in the process of bringing any visual idea to life.

Have a browse through some of my favourite projects below.


Director: Grace Alwyn  Ashworth.

Producer: Alan Livesey. 

A dunder plunder is a dark comedy, where a cat burglar’s plans to steal from a country mansion, are derailed when he encounters the owner’s sobbing ex-wife in one of the bedrooms.

My first stint in production design, A dunder plunder  was an incredible  project to learn from. With a tiny set space and an even tinier budget, I had the mammoth task of transforming Grace Alwyn Ashworths wonderful script into our final set. From a dark office  space to a  footballers (ex) wife’s boudoir. The trust given to me throughout was phenomenal and I was delighted with the outcome. Specifically to  have it nominated  for so many awards and especially winning one.

You can watch A dunder plunder Here.


Inspired by many fine art portraits, Golden is a series of self portrait images shot at my favourite place. The aim  was to use the light and muted colours along with movement of fabrics, to create an almost ethereal vision of powerful reflection.

To date, this still remains one of my favourite self portrait productions.


Director: Craig McLaughlin

Producer: Ed Newell.

Streamer was one of my more creatively testing projects. With only a week to produce the set, a minimal budget and such a niche topic. This really was a test of my process. However, it was also one of the most fun roles I’ve had, completely different to anything I’d ever done. For this project I had to create a complete mess of a space. I think it perfectly captures the entire essence of our slightly unhinged, Twitch obsessed main character.


Stepping away from self portraits for Art direction projects was something I really wanted to do this Summer. As luck may have it; during one of our commercial shoots, long time client (and now friend) Emma of Isabella and us mentioned a recent stint in modelling for some of her students and how much she’d enjoyed it. It was a no brainer really, she took very little convincing to be my subject!

I was so fortunate to have no reservations in plans from Emma (her trust in me is a thing of beauty!) And was really able to get quite personal in what I wanted this to feel like, art directionally.

Inspired by a late night listening of Cassandra – and an insight into our shared passion of growth and pursuit of peace. The vision really was able to come to life.

Shoot day was of course a blast. Full of freedom for us to just play within our production. I’m already eager to find some time for our next project.

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