I meant to write this up when it first happened last month, but it just totally slipped my mind, also the fab Concept North ladies did a fantastic write up on their event (which you can find here). So, I won’t go to word-y with this one – it is after all just to share my work. But what I will say is what a FANTASTIC evening I had!

The level of detail Concept north put into this even was just incredible, from their location (the gorgeous The Artistry house – a stunning Georgian house restored to perfection and filled to the brim with though provoking art, deep luxurious interiors and just a beautiful creative hub set within Prestons grand Winckley square.)

Down to the supporting interiors driven creatives called in to showcase their work with hands on demonstrations. Concept bespoke joinery, Bluebird upholstery, Sketchbook design and Tektura wall coverings.

The food (coolest thing ever!) came from a car – bare with me – that had a pull out pizza station, pizza oven, work tops, the whole lot! it created the most delicious freshly made pizza to enjoy out in the court yard whilst the live musician played softly.

My fellow creative pal Hype films. came along to shoot some footage which is of course awesome!


And that’s about it! I’ll stop now, I did say I want going to write too much!

Thanks for having me lovely ladies!

For more information on Concept North and their future events, you can head over to their website, Facebook, instagram and Twitter!

Sarah Allen (Online stylist/personal shopper and owner of Sarah-Styles) is actually right up there as one of my all time favourite people to work with! It helps of course from an aesthetic point of view that she’s stunning, with legs longer than my entire body! But it isn’t just that, she’s actually the nicest gal you’ll come across, down to earth, eager to crack on and just in general so fun to have a play around with concepts for any of our sessions.

This will mark our second shoot together, and with S/S 19 in mind, we went to the prettiest spot and spent a good few hours gallivanting around and having plenty of outfit changes to really capture Sarahs new collection for her online store.

I’m. so in love with them all!

Lets just work together forever please!

Last weekend I documented a fab workshop for the newest Events hosts on the block, Make Do Drink was created by Nicola Darwen & Helen Brady and last weekend the lovely ladies hosted their first event; Along with Florist Jenna from Elegant Blooms and design who taught lucky participants how to choose, cut, arrange and care for their own created bouquets.

The Mothers day Floral workshop was held in the stunning cocktail bar Elia a hidden gem underneath Preston’s The olive tree. With delicate Mediterranean tiles, soft wooden accents and a nod to the industrial with their abundance of copper piped lighting, it really was such a stunning spot for their first event.

From start to finish the entire thing was planned meticulously down to the very last detail. From the soothing folksy tunes, the glittery Rose Prosecco cocktails and the beautiful array of flowers and foliage delicately decorating the whole space. It was just wonderful to shoot. I can’t wait to see what the ladies come up with next!

Thanks for having me Make Do Drink ladies!

To keep up to date with future Make Do Drink events you can follow them over on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For the past two months I’ve been fortunate to be working with the fabulous team over at Holt pubs Co on their new project. Anyone who follows me on on any of my socials knows already what this super cool project is, but for everyone else its been the Baker Street Project.

Formerly known as SoBar (as well as many others) The building had been left to disintegrate for a number of years before Dave Holt & his business partner Darren Cooper had taken it on (You can read more about that here )

I won’t ramble about the whole project from start to finish, but I will talk about what I’ve been doing here… Document the process. And what a process its been! A complete labour of love for the team, and not without its many difficulties, the building that I turned up to for the first time back on that chilly January morning looked a little something like this…

Week after week I’ve entered its doors with the same “Oh my god, look at how much you’ve done!” And its been genuine excitement at seeing everything Dave described as his finished creation coming to life before me.

I’ll admit after that first walk around, I asked Dave who his designer was.

“Really? This is all you?” I replied when he told me he didn’t have one.

From its ornate textured tiles, its raw elemental walls, luxurious colour palate, the indoor secret garden vibe is very much the style, and done so very well, I had no idea this six foot-ish, Lancashire, blokes-bloke, had so much style! – Sorry Dave!

But, he’s done it and he’s done it incredibly well.

So, before & Afters? – Always my favourite part…

After all the hard work, this week has been opening week for Baker Street Preston, and what a week its been! The team have been working constantly to pull everything together and Wednesday evening marked the soft opening. The red carpet was rolled out, the drinks were poured, the fire eaters… well, ate fire. The entire place came alive, and I was there to capture it all.

I’ve also been really lucky with this project to have worked with a fellow called Peter cross, (Owner of Hype films uk) a very talented videographer who has killed it with his promotional work on this!

From the get go, I’ve been fascinated by this place and the plans for it, to see everything come together really has been a such a pleasure. I can’t thank the Holt pub co team enough for bringing me on – and for just being so downright friendly every session! Huge congratulations on a job well done to them all.

And as the tag line goes…Preston’s latest bohemian bar. Decadence and corruption for everybody!

It really is my kinda’ place!

Baker Street Preston is officially open! Official Launch night 7pm tonight! come join us…

Baker Street Preston: Facebook page.

I was so pleased to hear from Alicia (owner of the Ice cream dreams, situated on the second floor in Prestons ST Georges centre) She was taking advantage of my February offer of two hours commercial photography for £199 offer.

I love creating good images for clients, but I really love learning all the ins & outs of businesses I’d otherwise never really come across. For example: Did you know it’s an actual art creating the perfect ice cream roll first time?! The temperature has to be exact, the mixture needs spreading to a very precise thickness & you need to give the perfect amount of pressure. Without these you just don’t get that instagrammable ice cream roll. Who knew eh! Just one of the many things I learn in my very random job! 

Thanks so much for having me!