CWS Summer Photowalk.

A fortnight ago, Morgana (Coffee, work, sleep) and I sat going over the plans, for what would be our very first CWS photowalk.

For anyone who doesn’t know – but cares to… A photowalk is a communal activity of enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that interests each photographer – Totally stole that from Wikipedia.

So. knowing we’re planning on running seasonally, we kicked Summer of with a colour theme. Not one colour, ALL the colours. Anything bright, bold and full of summery loveliness. And the attendee’s absolutely delivered!

Together Morgana and I spent some real time wandering the streets. of Preston city centre, devising our route to fit with all the most colourful backdrops – Just FYI. Preston city council if you’re reading (Ha.), could we please have a couple of colourful mural walls painted up around this city! – because it was no easy task!

Anyway, as well as planning a perfect route, Mrs. Brains – Morgana had the most incredible idea to finish up with a very summery picnic in the park (Best idea ever!!!!) And within what seemed like 30 seconds, we had our sponsors to make the whole thing possible!

Starting bright and early at Jonahs coffee shop (a very trendy little spot in one of Preston markets containers) our entire group was very kindly treat to some complimentary hot drinks – exactly what we needed before our busy morning.

For the walk itself the fabulous Signed with love, gifted us the most wonderful bouquet of balloons, they were literally the star of the show!

And after a stroll through the city centres scenic route (yes it does have one!) enjoying the sunshine and getting allllll the colourful content we could ever need, UK city chef had created the most delicious feast for our finishing up picnic in the park.

I won’t speak for Morgana (though I’m certain we share the same sentiments on this) but I absolutely couldn’t be more pleased with how the day went! From the get go every single attendee was in the zone. I expected at least one person to maybe not get it, or just not feel comfortable enough posing, but everyone was just SO into it, getting on and making the most out of having a supportive group of like minded gals to bounce ideas off/hold their stuff/take their photo/ guide on best poses… etc. And it filled my little heart with SO MUCH JOY!

So, attendees, THANK YOU! Not only for helping us sell out on this event pretty much overnight. But for coming with all the confidence and ideas to make this as successful as we knew it could be.

We may have already started planning for the Autumn photowalk! So keep your eyes peeled!

*Extra little thank you. here for the wonderful team over at The artistry house for being so welcoming and letting us use some of their space for storage/prep/toilets. Your hospitality was very much appreciated!*